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March sketches 1 

My titles will probably turn less and less interesting as time goes on. 

I’ve been just focusing on doodling out ideas that I could come back to later. Plus I’m trying to practice with markers because I’m still not good with them yet. 

In other news, it would be convenient to have your hair hold an umbrella on rainy days. 


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Strange stuff

Making small, simple sketches each day is proving to be more doable overall with my current busyness level. I highly recommend it for a stress reliever. 

I’ll try to group them together for more interest generating purposes. 

I like doodling strange little things like this. A lot of that inspiration came from the particular illustrator I studied under in college. 

 Though I’m quite certain he would be disappointed at my lack of effort in my artistic career overall. But I am happy he gave me tons of great advice and the push to not give up drawing completely at least. 

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