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The Colored Pencil Spectrum of Fun

So, I started using colored pencils somewhat recently (like, 4 months ago, actually) and it seems both nostalgic and challenging. I always considered colored pencils pretty easy to use because I used them as a kid a lot and that went alright.

*Cut to flashbacks of all the terribly colored drawings I had as a kid in colored pencils that I have since burned*

But, I discovered something pretty fun, toned paper! It makes the colored pencils’ colors shine a bit more, plus gives me a bit more confidence to work on the stark white paper (sometimes…)

Mostly I’ve just been using Prismacolors that I received as a gift, but I also have been trying the Faber-Castell Polychromos recently (they’re expensive though!)


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Inktober 2017 update! 

Only 11 days in and I’m still keeping at it, at least. The ink work is not as detailed, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I selected only a few of the drawings I’ve done so far. 

Also, I have an Instagram for inktober and random sketches over here: https://www.instagram.com/goldenspines/

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Strange stuff

Making small, simple sketches each day is proving to be more doable overall with my current busyness level. I highly recommend it for a stress reliever. 

I’ll try to group them together for more interest generating purposes. 

I like doodling strange little things like this. A lot of that inspiration came from the particular illustrator I studied under in college. 

 Though I’m quite certain he would be disappointed at my lack of effort in my artistic career overall. But I am happy he gave me tons of great advice and the push to not give up drawing completely at least. 

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A year later.

So much has changed in one year, yet it’s hard to know even where to begin to explain.

I have hopes that being in my current situation with limited art supplies, no scanner, and no decent digital software yet having a whole new world to discover and pull inspiration from, my art will benefit immensely.

That’s my hope, at least. It’s the kind of hoping one feels looking outside a window, thinking about going outside, but wondering whether it’s too cold or not.



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Happy (almost) Winter!

There’s snow on the mountains already! This gets me excited and makes me want to dig out my massive collection of scarves. It’s finally my favorite time of the year!

I love snow. But, I don’t like the wind that often comes with snow. It makes my hair too messy. Even people with short hair can not escape the wind.

seflie winter small

Ink on paper,  then colored up in Photoshop.




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Birthday post

Markers are still something I’m fairly new to, especially copic markers.

But, I’ll use any excuse to draw something sort of fun for the sake of “practice”.

girl and dragon w background 1 small

Also, today is my birthday, so that’s another excuse to draw something not too serious.

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The Hero

As I slowly start getting my life in some sort of gear (shooting for 3rd or 4th gear, but I’m puttering along in 1st gear for now), one of the few fun things I’ve enjoyed is role playing (see: Dungeons and Dragons-esque gaming) with a group of awesome guys each week.

skarr 1_small

I can’t draw lizardmen, but if I could, this would be a heroic picture of the Lizardman fighter in our RP party. After losing his great sword by rolling a critical 1, he decides to rip off one of the boss’s, a crystal spider, legs and stabbed the monster to death with it. Thanks to his savage and brilliant thinking (as well as some natural 20’s), the rest of the useless party was saved and no one died.


Done with ink and copic markers, then fiddled around with in Photoshop.

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