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The Colored Pencil Spectrum of Fun

So, I started using colored pencils somewhat recently (like, 4 months ago, actually) and it seems both nostalgic and challenging. I always considered colored pencils pretty easy to use because I used them as a kid a lot and that went alright.

*Cut to flashbacks of all the terribly colored drawings I had as a kid in colored pencils that I have since burned*

But, I discovered something pretty fun, toned paper! It makes the colored pencils’ colors shine a bit more, plus gives me a bit more confidence to work on the stark white paper (sometimes…)

Mostly I’ve just been using Prismacolors that I received as a gift, but I also have been trying the Faber-Castell Polychromos recently (they’re expensive though!)


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I like drawing animals, but I’m not very good at it yet. Though I’m thinking if I just keep using colors I might eventually get something decent looking.

At least that strategy sometimes works with my 3 year old students.

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