The Hero

As I slowly start getting my life in some sort of gear (shooting for 3rd or 4th gear, but I’m puttering along in 1st gear for now), one of the few fun things I’ve enjoyed is role playing (see: Dungeons and Dragons-esque gaming) with a group of awesome guys each week.

skarr 1_small

I can’t draw lizardmen, but if I could, this would be a heroic picture of the Lizardman fighter in our RP party. After losing his great sword by rolling a critical 1, he decides to rip off one of the boss’s, a crystal spider, legs and stabbed the monster to death with it. Thanks to his savage and brilliant thinking (as well as some natural 20’s), the rest of the useless party was saved and no one died.


Done with ink and copic markers, then fiddled around with in Photoshop.


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