Sketchbook doodles part 3 of ??? (plus news and tumblr info)

As a practice for building up my currently waning self discipline, I’ve been trying to sketch every day. This has sadly turned into every other day or every three days; but I am using up my sketchbooks, which is a great improvement from a few years ago.

A bit silly as it may seem, if I don’t at least celebrate my improvements every once in a while, I’d risk the chance of doing something rash or stupid, like ordering three route 44 coke zeros at Sonic and drowning my sorrows in fake sugar and crushed ice.

Crushed ice is good for any occasion, though.

As some fun things to look forward to, I’m still planning on a longer more extensive post on my past June art trip to Japan, as well as couple inspiration posts.

Also, I’ve had a Tumblr under this name (Draw you draw me) for a while, but it’s sadly only been my way of gathering artistic inspiration from other art tumblrs as well as just reblogging of geeky anime, Doctor Who and Sherlock stuff. But, I’m planning on slowly converting it to a hybrid of an inspiration blog plus a place to feature a few of my sketches every week or works in progress, starting today.

You can find the link here: Tumblr!

And of course, some sketches to finish off this post.

sketchbook video camera and well


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