Nagoya, Japan exhibition, 2013

With a group of my fellow university art students, I traveled to the beautiful city of Nagoya, Japan and in partnership with Nagoya Zokei University (NZU), we spent two weeks on an intensive and educational summer trip that included an exhibition at NZU.


I actually did this same program last year, but failed to make an adequate post about it. Thus, you get to hear from me this year; mainly about the exhibition, though. I may make a post later on about more of the art-sy stuff we did (like make paper, visit a pottery town, go to museums, etc).

The exhibition seemed to be a great success. I showed my three Japanese Fairy Tale illustrations.


And the opening! It was awesome, with lots of people showing up and tons of food and drinks to munch on. Granted, my only experience with exhibitions thus far is in Nagoya and my senior show at my own university, which does not compare at all with it’s simple cookies and cheese cubes (though, not bashing the cheese cubes, those are yummy). But, I would like to think this is the way an exhibition should be done, the way NZU does it, with a variety of food for everyone.


We had a variety of artworks in the show, from paintings to ink drawings to ceramics and metal works to photography and digital prints. So good stuff that made the show resonate well with interest. Setting up for the show went pretty smoothly and quickly and the gallery space was lovely.


View towards the window walls with the almost completed exhibition setup. My artwork is on the opposite corner behind me.


The biggest compliment on my own works was the great use of color, which is always something I worry about. I still have a long way to go, but I’m happy my pieces did well.

Even now, I’m still recovering from jet lag. x.x But soon I’ll be getting back into the swing of things and creating more stuff. Cheers until then!


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