Stay Classy

In my illustration class this semester, a student asked our professor, “When do you know when a work is finished?”

Admittedly, I can say that this is a question a lot if not all artists will ask themselves about their work. In fact, one of my drawing professors once said that you can keep working on one piece for 10+ years if you wanted to. Though, will a piece ever be done, or will it just reach a point of rest? A place where it can sit and show itself to the world…is that finished or is it just one step of the journey?

Who knows, it’s all too deep for me, even as an almost college graduate.

I used to define “finished” as something smooth and flashy, which it may very well be. Whether it be from laziness or perhaps I’m not bold enough and too hesitant in my creating still, but I began liking an “unfinished” and textured look.

But it’s not finished. I can always do more. Always. But sometimes that’s not always the best.


Bow ties are cool.

Acrylic on illustration board. Around 8″x11″.


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  1. Reblogged this on AnnaChapmanMusic and commented:
    Just a little tidbit from a good friend. I am finding this to be more and more true in writing music also.

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