Sketchbook doodles part 1 of ???

Whenever I get stumped on a project (like I am now. At present, I should be painting to finish this new piece, but I’m in denial), I like to doodle non-serious stuff.

This semester, I’ve gotten into the habit of putting all my serious life drawing/project thumbnails starting from the front of my sketchbook and all my stupid doodle stuff in the back.

I find doodling is a lot more fun than creating finished illustrations (not as much pressure or worries about making mistakes?); maybe one day they will be the same.

Since I don’t have anything pretty and/or finished, I’ll leave these doodles here as a reminder that I still love drawing.

sketchbook spread monster

sketchbook cherry crane

sketchbook thorn bear


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One response to “Sketchbook doodles part 1 of ???

  1. Wow This is such a great piece of artwork! it’s really excellent šŸ™‚ Good use of tone, and technique!

    Could you checkout my fashion blog and sketches, also my about me page?
    I would really appreciate it
    remember to leave a comment too

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