Recent illogical thinking.

If you’ll recall the piece in this past post: Bus Stop, the above is the same idea redone (hopefully) better. That was my intent anyways. I wanted to explore the idea of illogical thinking in a world where people go to extreme means to ignore their problems rather than dealing with them directly (i.e. getting rid of the baggage or moving to another seat).

Or something.

Speaking of illogical things, I finally set up my Behance profile: [happily sitting here]

It’s a little bare and anti-climatic currently, much like my creative career. But, I have no direction to go except up and away from here, I suppose.



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2 responses to “Recent illogical thinking.

  1. There is a lot to be discussed about illogical thinking, and of situations where it can be beneficial and other situations where it is definitey not. Seems to me the only way many people cope with life is through illogical thinking (and I sometimes envy them… for my illogical thinking episodes often work the other way). Anyway… Hello…. I am looking around this interesting place having jumped over from your post on strataoftheself blog

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