One word

This semester’s illustration class is really rough on my nerves. I’m either thinking to much, or not thinking enough (either way, the idea is screwed), so I’m left sluffing my way through the assignments in hopes I’ll do something right.

No new art this post because I forgot to scan my last assignment before turning it in.

But, in regards to illustration class, I have two class periods off from it because my professor is going to be at his gallery show in New York this week and weekend. Which, you know, makes me feel extremely honored to have him as a professor, but rather intimidated out of my socks by him.

So anyway, he’s going be to gone, but like any good professor, he doesn’t want us aspiring illustrators to get bored. So, he gives us an assignment.


That’s it. No really, it is. One on hand, I admire and treasure his willingness to not over explain this assignment and instead gives us room to wonder in awe and bewilderment on what this one word means to us, means to the world, or if it actually means anything at all. Yet, on the other hand, my intimidation creeps up my back like a leech and makes me panic my brains out over what the heck this is.

Why “Frank” of all words?

So, here is brainstorming list #1:

– Frank is a name, slang noun, and an adjective, and sometimes an adverb.

– You have Frank Sinatra, Frank Oz (love that guy), and Frank Lloyd Wright (great architect).

– Then you have “franks”, as in the slang and/or company name for some hot dogs, used all over the US, but I’ve mainly seen it used in the New England areas.

– Then “frank” as in being honest, or plainly speaking. Could also mean blunt, which leads me to the adverb “frankly”. (as in “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

– After further dictionary research, we also have “franc” (the french currency that I’m not sure if they actually use anymore), and there’s an actually proper noun form of “frank” (which is “a signature or mark affixed by special privilege to a letter, package, or the like to ensure its transmission free of charge, as by mail.” I think it’s that ink stamp thing that the post office puts on your letters over the stamp. A letter can also be considered “franked”)


The assignment is due the Wednesday after next and I’m thinking too much and too little already. This is going to be a long week.


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