Don’t Leave Your Creativity Alone.

Two posts in one week, what is this madness?

Don’t worry, I’m probably just making up for the time that I’m going to ignore my poor blog in the future. On that topic, I changed the look in order to give it a fresher look that will keep me coming back (because if I can’t love my blog, who will?).

Something I actively fail at is stimulating my creativity. Some days it gets so deprived, it goes off and does its own thing without my consent. It tends to be a bit sporadic, so without my control, it makes perfectly useless things.

Granted, even under my control, it still makes useless things. But it makes me feel better to be in control, so that’s nice.

The best way to stimulate my creativity is to keep a journal. Yes, every book (for writers and artists alike) will tell you this. But, honestly, I’m not talking about the diary type of journals. In reality, it’s different for everyone. So if you dig that “Dear Diary…” type of stuff, go for it. But for those less incline to speak to a notebook (who will listen, but literally has no choice in the matter of your pouring your thoughts onto its pages), there’s the more casual method of keeping a journal.

For the doodler, filling pages (even lined ones) with small and quick doodles can help stimulate creativity for a later time. You will not always be able to have that beautiful clean white paper in front of you to create that masterpiece, nor will you usually have the time when a fantastic idea comes to you. Thus, you take a “note” of it in your journal and work on it when you have the time.

For those of you who get inspired by words as well as drawings, you can add words, quotes, and other such things to your journal. I tend to grab random dialogue I hear while out on errands. It’s actually quite amusing what people will say sometimes.

“I cannot scrapbook anymore.”

Actual quote from a lovely woman in a craft store to her friend. Now, this quote seems a bit lonesome by itself, but that’s where creativity comes into play. One must wonder why she cannot scrapbook anymore. Was it too painful? Can she not find the right paper? Did something happen in her past to prevent her from cutting and pasting paper into a large book? Some of my best inspiration for pictures come from stories (either that I read or make up). Someday I’ll draw more of these stories I have stored.

Another fun activity to do is people watch (which is about as awkward as it sounds, but it gets easier with practice. I find pretending to be James Bond helps my shyness). And while you observe people carrying on with their lives, you can quick doodle them. Gesture drawing is one of the best practices anyone can learn, I think. You can always perfect the picture later, but getting the essence of the person is the most important task.

Journals work best the smaller they are, I think. They are easier to carry around and easier to hide from suspecting people who think you are writing about/drawing them. Plus, it’s less of a struggle to bring a small notebook with you than it is a 9×12 sketchbook.


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