Adventures in Printmaking: Monotype

I’ve never done any sort of printmaking until this summer. The class is required for me to graduate, so I may as well learn something along the way.

The most commonly known type of printmaking is screen printing. You know, the cool stuff they do on shirts. I will not be doing any of that in this class I’m taking, though. It’s apparently for printers who know what they are doing. I get to start out with the easy, beginner stuff.

The first process that I was thrown into was monotype printing. It’s kind of like painting something on plexiglass, and running it through a press and calling it a print. Actually, it’s pretty fun! Besides having to think about your design backwards (text is especially “fun”).

I decided to print a TARDIS for my first print (it’s in two parts, actually), but it’s currently drying at school. I’ll post it up as soon as I can get it back. Until then, here are some test prints I did while goofing off working hard. The first is on the printmaking paper we’re using, and the other two are on newsprint.



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