At least it doesn’t shed like one, yet.

Trying to get a blog up on its little, wobbly feet enough to even take one step into the real world is challenging.


I knew the job when I took it, but it’s still a rather daunting task to do things alone.

That being said, I’m getting things organized. Having a blog is like taking care of a puppy, to be truthful. You have to feed it, play with it, brush it, sometimes let it sleep on your bed if it gets lonely at night…etc.

Happy tablet.

The very good news is I’m most likely getting a Wacom tablet soon!  This of course means I will be able to draw/color things digitally without feeling like I’m suffering every time I open up Photoshop only to have a touch pad on my laptop to use.

Here’s a sketch I’m currently working on and have been putting off coloring until I get my tablet. I’m not sure whether I want to use digital means to color it or try some some gouache paints.

It’s based on two people I actually know.

Partners in Justice.

That would be an interesting series to explore; putting your friends in movie-esque type formats or situations. I’ll keep that on my long list of ideas to draw. Stayed tuned, either way.


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One response to “At least it doesn’t shed like one, yet.

  1. Comparing a blog to a puppy is sweet! 🙂

    Amatullah @

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