Blocks and other things that can trip you.

My block, looking smug.

Two weeks into my blog, I’m stuck. The initial excitement is gone and the realization has hit me like a cold, wet towel in the face: “I have to actually keep this thing alive now.”

Except, I have a block.

Also known as artist’s block, writer’s block, I-can’t-think-of-any-awesome-ideas block, etc.  It’s something all creative professionals have to deal with; some better than others.

I tend to curl up in a corner and self loathe until I can think of an idea.

Corner of woe.

I also make lists, though. I find this a rather helpful practice for stimulating creative ideas.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with list making, I’ll help you out (don’t worry, everyone starts out as a beginner!).

First, you create title for your list. It could just be “list” or “my list”, or if you wanted to get really specific, you could name it “[name here]’s list of pain free ideas for breaking the block which may or may not destroy me if I leave it alone – a simple and easy to follow guide to finding the path of creativity again”

Or, yeah, name it “My List”.  Add a smile by it for extra boost of optimism.

Once you have your title done, you’ve already broken through the horrific blank sheet of paper, so the rest should be easy, right?

…right, okay.

When I figure out the middle step, I’ll let you know.


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